We provide cost-effective Fractional & full time CFO’s with expertise and industry knowledge, to support high-growth companies.

Part-time & Fractional CFO Services

Rethink Full Time: Go Fractional and access our financial expertise without a long term commitment.

ReThink Full Time. Go Fractional

Why a Fractional CFO ?

This approach enables you to access the financial expertise you need without committing to the expense of a full time finance team, ultimately helping:

In-depth financial expertise:

Hiring a part-time CFO means that you have access to a highly trained professional with extensive experience in financial management. This will help you develop strategies to maximise your profits, improve your financial performance, and manage risks.


Hiring a full-time CFO can be a heavy burden for a small and medium sized business with limited resources. However, a part-time CFO can provide the same level of expertise at a fraction of the cost Our clients typically save bwteen 30%-50% compared to hiring a full time CFO.


Having a part-time CFO means that you can enjoy the benefits of having a senior-level executive without committing to a full-time hire. There are no long term contracts and you can increase or decrease the amount of their time in line with your requirements.

Strategic decision-making:

A part-time CFO can help you identify and prioritise areas where improvements can be made and advise you on the best ways to achieve your financial goals. This will be invaluable when it comes to making tough financial decisions, such as expanding the business or securing funding.

Improved financial performance:

By working with you to develop a financial strategy, a CFO can help you maximise your profits, minimise your expenses, and avoid costly mistakes. They can also help you stay ahead of financial risks and ensure that your business is operating efficiently and profitably.

CFO Checklist

We can help you with

Capital raise

Seed funding, Series A, Series B, Crowd funding, private funding, Investment decks, 5 -year plans, Due Diligence


AR, AP, Cash management, VAT reporting, Corporate tax, Management reporting


Management reporting, board reports, KPI’s, cash flow forecasting, budgeting, long term forecasting, Financial planning and analysis

Mergers & acquisitions

Due Diligence, finance integration, systems integration, Tax planning

Sale / exit of business

Seed funding, Series A, Series B, Crowd funding, private funding, Investment decks, 5 -year plans, Due Diligence

Risk management

Legal liabilities, technology issues, liquidity issues, patents and IP management.
Match with CFO

Commercial activities

Client agreements, lease agreements, commission structures, employee benefit schemes, share incentive schemes, third party negotiations

Systems & automation

Xero, QB, Sage, Netsuite – implementation, integration to 3rd party apps, automation

How it works

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Tell us what you’re looking for
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We engaged with Hire CFO to completely run and manage our funding raising campaign on Seedrs. We raised 103% of our target with over 325 investors which was hugely successful. Thanks to all involved.”

Marek Rudzki, COO, Flagship Reporting

Hire CFO set up our real estate reporting and produced business plans for fundraising. James was extremely knowledgeable and as an additional bonus we continually save 40% on employment costs. We honestly can’t operate our business without them.”

Paul Skikne, CEO, BRW Real Estate, Los Angeles

We engaged with Hire CFO to lead in an overseas acquisition for our company. They led the process from beginning to end including due diligence, negotiations and valuations. Very knowledgable and professional team. Highly recommended!”

David Brooks, Managing Director, Forming Reality Group

These guys are truly awesome. We had no accounting reporting in place before we engaged with them. In addition they have been instrumental in our charity obtaining funding. very professional and always deliver on time.”

Hilton Freund, CEO Twinning Project

Hire CFO have been instrumental in managing our cash forecasting and giving our start up general business advice. Very professional and always deliver on time.”

Ravi Naik, CEO, SGS Consultants

Hire CFO set up our Xero system and automated processes for us. We are extremely satisfied and highly recommend their services.”

Marc Eden, CEO Auto Concierge Limited

Clients we’ve partnered with

We are experts in your market

Our experienced consultants have in-depth market knowledge so we fully understand the skill set and sector in which you work. We specialise in the following industries:


Fin-tech, Accounting-tech, med-tech, sports-tech, prop-tech, Insurance-tech and others.


Software as a service, subscription model, Stripe and other payment processor integration.


Fixed line, cellular, IP tech and hybrid

Retail & Fashion

Online commerce, retail,  fashion, restaurants & beauty.

Financial Services

Retail banking, challenger banks, debt management, investments & short- term lending.


Charities, and other not for profit organizations.


Online and paper publishing, advertisers. Online marketing.


Manufacturing, FMCG

Travel & Tourism

Travel agents, Tour operators, corporate events

Accounting systems we work with

Automation Add-ons

Reporting & Consolidation
AR Management
AP Management
Expense Management
Workflow Management

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